About us

safety38_sWelcome to 2P’s Safety and we hope that the time spent browsing this site will prove to be of value to your organisation.

We believe that Health and Safety has Legislative, Economic and Moral Implications for All Companies

However companies often feel that they do not have either the expertise or the time to ensure that they are keeping abreast of the implications of current and changing Health and Safety Legislation. We have many years of experience working in this field and believe that we can offer you the support needed to ensure that you meet all of your obligations in this area in a comprehensive and effective manner.

All of our courses and consultancy services have been developed in response to our clients’ needs and we are happy to develop and tailor services to meet your specific requirements.

Why Choose 2P's Safety:

When you have a number of training providers from whom to select for the Health and Safety needs of your organisation why are we confident that 2P’s Safety will offer the best provision?

  1. We are a well established team who have been providing training solutions for over 22 years.
  2. A high proportion of the training we deliver is repeat work for clients. Organisations cannot afford to keep using providers who do not satisfy their requirements.
  3. We have a realistic perspective on what it is that helps people to learn.
  4. Our training is always related to the individual’s workplace situations.
  5. Our commitment is to building on people’s strengths rather than highlighting their weaknesses.
  6. We have a clear understanding of the factors that can inhibit the application of training concepts in the workplace and seek to provide an understanding of those factors and methods to handle them in our course.
  7. Flexibility. Our training will be provided at a place, a time and in a format that is designed to suit YOUR requirements.
  8. If learning is to be effective we believe it must be enjoyable. There is an emphasis on practical and innovative learning experiences built into our training programmes.
  9. Cost effectiveness. Financial constraints are important, we believe that not only is our training competitively priced but also that the rewards it will bring to your organisation in increased Health and Safety effectiveness will more than repay your investment in it.
  10. We are concerned to tailor training programmes to meet your individual requirements not simply offer off the peg products that may well fail to meet some of your important needs.

The pages in this site are intended to give a broad outline of the types of training courses we currently deliver, if you require any further information or wish to discuss your options call us on 01283 762999 or use our contact page.

Health & Safety Training Courses and Consultants